What AJ Stands for

AJ stands for Adverse Journey. When people ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is always something successful and that will make them happy. Everyone has a plan in life; nobody plans to hit a roadblock, but what happens when you do?

How It Started

"A man without a plan for his future will return to his past habits". When it comes to what is best for your future, don't rely on anybody else to tell you what they feel is right. Going into my final season of high school with zero offers, I knew I needed to make a change to earn a college scholarship. I wasn't able to properly showcase my talent or surrounded by people with the same goals that I had at my current school. When I announced that I was transferring and leaving the "brotherhood", I was bashed; I was mocked; I was clowned, but none of those brothers were going to pay for my college education. In just one season at my new school, I helped my team win the championship, went All-State, was awarded the NFF trophy as the best receiver in the county, and signed a division scholarship. Not a single player from my former school signed a full college scholarship, and almost all of them had the talent to. Have a plan for your future.

How It Restarted

"Opportunity doesn't go away, it just goes to other people." When the world shut down due to the 2020 pandemic, nobody was certain about how the NFL would proceed with sending out rookie invitations. When the draft process came and went, and with public gyms still closed, I found myself making entertaining videos on social media while still doing home workouts. The more popular my videos became, the more I realized the impact that I was making on the football community. My goal was always to inspire the next generation of athletes; the NFL was just going to be my platform to do that. There's a lot of opportunities out there to achieve your goals, you just have to go put your name on it.

"When a door closes in your face,

Come back and buy the entire building"