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For my first time filming at a college game, I went back to where I played my college career for the biggest rivalry game in D2 sports. The University of New Haven football program does not lose to Southern Connecticut State University. It has been that way long before I got there, all of the years that I was there, and I went down on the sidelines to ensure it stayed that way... twelve years in a row.

Attending and filming high school games have not only helped some players get national exposure to coaches, but has also helped grow their social media presence. I wanted to find a way to also engage the students and fans at the game to give them an experience they'd always remember. In this week's video, i brought out confetti cannons, trivia questions, and gave some trash talking students a chance to line up 1on1 with me!

The format of high school football is changing and 7on7 is becoming increasingly popular as an offseason option for players. The regional tournaments and fast paced gameplay allows athletes to showcase their speed and ability to win one on one matchups to scouts who may not get a chance to see them play at their traditional high school. I decided to build a 7on7 team full of the nation's most talented and exciting players, the Trillion Boys.